Product Inquiry

  • What is included in the kit?

    Each kit comes with a canvas, set of diamonds, tweezers, pen tool, wax, and tray.
  • Is your canvas full drill or partial drill?

    All our kits are full drills and are offered in both square and round diamonds.
  • Do you have an instructional video?

    You can check this video ( for instructions on how to create your diamond painting.
  • What is the best size for diamond painting?

    When it comes to diamond painting, bigger is always better! Small paintings are good for beginners but it may not give you the outcome that you want. We suggest that you choose paintings that have simple designs, and have limited number of colors. On each product page of our website, we indicate...
  • What is the difference between square and round diamonds?

    Round diamonds are great for beginners as they easier to handle; they are faster to pick up and glue on the canvas with the pen tool. Since it is round in shape, gaps between diamonds may appear more visible when up close to the painting. Square diamonds are harder to handle but it makes for a b...
  • Do you sell diamonds separately?

    Unfortunately, we don't sell diamonds separately as all our kits come with a complete set of diamonds.
  • Do you sell diamond painting accessories?

    Yes, we do sell diamond painting accessories and you can check them out here:
  • How to order a custom diamond painting?

    You may click this link and it'll lead you to the customized diamond painting page on our website: Choose the size you want for your diamond painting. If your painting is square, please choose a square size as well just to make sur...
  • Do you sell other products?

    Yes, we do sell other diamond painting products as well such as greeting cards, sticker, keychain, notebook, night light, pouch and pencil case.