Missing & Defective Items

  • I have a defective canvas, what should I do?

    For any issues on your canvas, please send a photo of your defective canvas to customercare@homecraftology.com and we'll be happy to send a replacement canvas for you.
  • I have a missing kit, what should I do?

    Please double check your box as we roll 2-3 canvases together. If the kit is still missing, please contact us at customercare@homecraftology.com.
  • I have missing diamonds, what should I do?

    For any missing diamonds, please contact our support team and give the following details below: Order no.: Name of Painting: Missing Color ID: No. of bags:
  • I have missing tools, what should I do?

    For any missing tools (pen tool, glue, tray, tweezers), please contact at customercare@homecraftology.com to have your replacements sent. Please make sure that you give your Order no. or name and email address used in the purchase.